#Social Premieres

In 2016, I kicked off my first ever #socialpremieres collaborative series over Twitter, challenging composers to write works of 140 “notes” or less. The results have been extremely clever! Below are this session’s winners.

To apply for future #socialpremieres series, please follow me on Twitter at @nataliespehar and Instagram at @celloing247. All future collaborations will be announced (and premiered) over those mediums. Thanks so much!

– Natalie


2016 Social Premieres

140 Or Bust
by Cheryl Krugel-Lee
Premiered over social media on: 3/10/16


Composer’s Notes: #ifyouthinkwritingatweetthatincludeseverythingyouwanttosayishardtrywritingapieceofmusicwithexactly140notes

– Cheryl
Find out more about Cheryl here.


More to come shortly!