Props for Progress!

Raise your hand if you’re going through a tough month out there... I see you!

meangirls hand.gif

For me, this has been an epic summer of transition. Move to a new city, pursue my dream work, build new relationships that are more in line with my values and interests, drive (and fly) hundreds of miles to show up for things and people that matter to me, and - in general - decide that I’m going to do what’s healthy and what’s right for me, even if I sometimes get push back from people I care about.

This all got kicked into motion with a genuine desire to stand up for myself, set boundaries, and work toward the career and life goals that I know I’m capable of. And what do you know, as soon as I started moving boldly and with gratitude in that direction, things started to align beautifully!

It has not been without bumps along the way, though — turns out that in order to move freely in the direction of your highest potential, you have to shed what’s been holding you back. (But that’s hardddddddd blehh!!! Ugh… Fine.) That ranges from getting rid of that shirt in your closet that reminds you that you may be a very different size now than you were in undergrad, to lovingly passing on that weird family memento that you’re not into but feel pressured to keep, and to even not feeling obligated to answer every whim or call of that person that you know will drain your energy.

Rewriting your priorities and forming new, healthy habits is a process that does not happen overnight, but is well worth the invested time and energy in the long run. And-  it’s enjoyable to look back on the day or week (or month!) knowing that I did my best. (Example— Like how 10 minutes ago a stressful phone call made me immediately want to slam sugary latte #2 of the day, but I instead chose unsweetened iced tea and to write this blog post because I am reallllyyyy trying to break that stress=treat-myself-with-trashy-food response. In about an hour from now I’m going to be proud and quite pleased with myself. Right now... proooob don’t mess with me though kthanksbyeeeeee...... baby steps, y’all.)


THEREFORE - this week’s go-to crystal is Labradorite, which is a perfect supporter in times of transition, or transformation. Spend some quiet time holding a piece in your hand, or keep it on you during the day (I have a handy labradorite bracelet!) as a reminder that you are protected, in control, and will come out the other end of this transition just fine. :) 

Labradorite promotes mental clarity and can “sharpen” your focus, which is helpful for working through anxiety or thoughts that feel chaotic. It also is protective and grounding, so if you are feeling particularly insecure or are maybe extra introverted as of late, this will help you feel rooted. 

This stone will have a big impact on your crown chakra (your energy center closely associated with your consciousness, brain and nervous system), so if you have some quiet time to relax and contemplate, you might even try a short meditation or nap with it resting on the top of your head. It’ll also promote healthy flow of energy between your aura (your overall human energy field) and your (more specific energy) chakras in general. It’s also just plain ol’ fun to look at— it usually has a darker base color with a strong play of iridescent colors that catch the light as you rotate it (what up Schiller effect!)

SO - Grab some labradorite and set aside a little contemplative time for yourself this week. If you are going through a transition — know that you are powerful, you are awesome for standing up for yourself, and you are not alone! Cheers to living your best life, friend!