Welcome, Part 1: #Cellolyfe

Cello there friends!!

Are you still reading?! Ok whew... thank you times a million. #orchdork 

Welcome to my blog! This is new for me... I certainly never thought I would be writing regularly about what I do, but I have a pretty interesting career and information that others have told me is pleasant and helpful so here we go! :) Music for me has always been about connecting with others, so I’m looking forward to now branching out to share some string playing ideas and more of my life with you all online, as opposed to live performance and teaching only —- yay internet, right? Anyone else have vivid AIM memories or searching for topics online for a school project and actually finding zero results? We’ve come a long way, baby!

I’m a professional cellist that has been fortunate enough to work with incredible session musicians and some equally influential celebrity touring acts. I love music. I first saw a cello in a concert when I was 10 years old, ran home and told my parents that I was going to be a cellist, and have literally been excitedly obsessing over it since. 

I’m not only intensely interested and grateful for the opportunities to connect with others in live performance, to anticipate and respond to their musical ideas and to have my ears opened to new sonic possibilities on a regular basis — but I’m also truly fascinated by how string instruments work and how to practice in a way that is effective and in-line with how my instrument responds/resonates most happily. (Even if I feel like I could play forever, I don’t want to waste time!) Being productive is rewarding, and solving physical playing issues is like a cool escape room game to me. (Minus the intense stress of a time limit... at least most of the time, thankfully!)

Playing well in multiple genres is also intensely gratifying and interesting to me. It’s like speaking with a different accent— in a way that’s respectful and authentic — and considering behaviors (ex. ways of approaching or ornamenting a note, or playing ahead or behind the beat, etc...). There’s so much interesting tradition and sonic possibility to think about.... and string instruments are seriously among the most versatile when it comes to tone color and expressive intonation.

I hope that sharing some exercises or writing about my weekly strategies is entertaining or meaningful for you as well. Especially string players — ask me questions! Let’s connect and challenge each other to grow. :) Composers, other instrumentalists— let’s learn more about each other’s crafts and collaborate. I actually once was in a Montreal-based trio that met over Twitter and continued on to record an album, be featured on NPR twice and do a US and a European tour—— seriously, you never know! Lol #truestory — The internet is pretty great. 

Anyway— let’s connect, in whatever form! Hope this blog is of interest to you in some way and that my joy for cello and connecting with you comes through loud and clear. :)