Crystals for Vacation!

This week I’m fortunately able to take a much needed three days off and enjoy some beach time in FL with my amazing partner. :) LOVE!

This week is all about recharging and calming the continual ticker-tape-esque voice in my brain that is on full speed during the work week (REMOTE RECORDING DUE FRIDAY: SEND UPDATE: CHECK IN WITH VIDEO TEAM: POST ON IG: CHECK STATUS OF LAST POST: SEND INVOICES: ARRANGE QUARTET PARTS: PLANE TICKET SEARCH: DO LAUNDRY: PRACTICE NEW PIECE) .... whewwww exhausting yo. Time to listen to some beach waves and turn that weird pursed lip thing I do when I’m focused into a big ‘ol smile.

Here are the crystals I packed for the journey and why... 

(*Note— a mentor that I respect very much suggested that I not focus on any more than 3 crystals at one time, so you’ll find that I’m usually posting about various combinations of only a couple from my personal collection :) ) 

Pink Tourmaline


Wearing this one close to my heart, as it’s known to help release worry, anxiety and destructive feelings and guide that energy to be reinvested in self-love. Also - the heart has a large and powerful energy field comparatively to other organs/chakra points, and self-care is my focus this week, so necklace it will be! 

Tourmaline occurs in many colors. Pink tourmaline is particularly related to protection from emotional stress so feel free to keep it nearby if you’re working through something or just need a little reminder to invest in yourself. 



Ok... I said no work this week but I am excited to have the mental space to brainstorm a little bit about goals and cello projects that I’m excited to dig into! Citrine is one of my absolute favorite stones and I keep this big awesome orange chunk of it right on my night stand. It is energizing and is associated closely with manifestation and imagination. I’ll be sitting with it this week as I think about my next steps career-wise and writing down some concrete action steps for turning my current cello project goals into my reality. I’m also planning on writing down action steps for a new and improved self-care routine — so this + pink tourmaline should be totally in vibe with my intentions this week. Huzzah!

What crystals are you vibe-ing with this week? Please share :)

Natalie Spehar