Welcome, Part 2: #Crystalmagic

Crystals are a major part of my life... I started a rock collection in 4th grade that quickly became something I wanted to hold in my hands daily after school. I love the different textures and the crazy beautiful, naturally-occurring patterns and color combinations.

In my adult years, I would notice that not only was I attracted to picking certain crystals up when I walked past them at home or in any number of cute hipster boutiques in NYC — but that I can literally feel something when I pick them up. Sometimes my hands tingle a little bit — and sometimes I literally feel a little pressure in my chest or head.... like, WTHHHH are they actually doing something?!?!

So, because I love to learn new things and certainly don’t consider myself above any magical-seeming ideas of how to live my best life (It helps with what? Gimme.) — I did a bunch of online/library research and even enrolled myself in a couple of crystal workshops, including a tremendously awesome Crystal Healing Workshop at Anam Cara Apothecary while I was in Frederick, MD (which is a very high-vibe, awesome place if you ever have the chance to visit! I digress.)

Turns out crystals are proven to be incredibly healing and have pretty consistent vibrational energy that influences most everything around them (if we’re considering that all matter vibrates/resonates - science, y’all!) And intersecting energy fields influence one another, raising or lowering each other’s vibration. Humans - which are made of mostly water - are especially inconsistent and therefore, easily influenced. Crystals (almost no water), can pack a pretty stable, high vibrational energy. High vibrations feel gooooood and keep you healthy, creative and mentally motivated! So— things that vibrate consistently and have actual geometric shapes in their make-up and/or colors that are pleasing and motivating to you— are tools to help you get ya life in order and create some serious good vibes for yourself. :) 

I won’t go too woo-woo for you here (I do want you to keep reading after all)... but in summary, I find crystals deeply interesting so imma post about those too. Read it or skip it — but if you do enjoy this part of the blog— please send me a note so that we can geek out together. 

P.S. Not trying to pretend I’m a crystal expert here. Just sharing a hobby that I’m very entertained by and grateful for. :) CRYSTALS ARE THE BEST ... someone please make that a t-shirt. I’ll buy it from you.  #entrepreneurship